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Metal in Deburring Process

Coating Systems and Deburring

When metal goes through the machining process, it inevitably ends up with some rough edges, protrusions, and abrasions called burrs. Even the most advanced machining and fabrication technologies can’t avoid leaving some rough edges. Obviously, these workpieces can’t be used that way. That's why we have a deburring process. Deburring simply smooths everything out so the piece is fully functional and ready for use. Coating Systems Inc. can get rid of any troublesome burrs effectively and efficiently.

Basic Deburring Process and Equipment

There are various methods and equipment used for deburring metal. Depending on the shape of the metal and severity of the burrs, one deburring method may be better suited than another. It is sometimes done by hand with abrasive cloths, but machines work well for harder and more complicated items. Machine-based methods include tumbling, vibration, and blasting. Most deburring machines use brushes, belts, or both. You can trust Coating Systems Inc. to utilize the best and most effective method for taking care of your project. We have the best in deburring technology to ensure that you get the highest-quality product and most efficient results.

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Benefits of Deburring from Coating Systems

Deburring is absolutely necessary for the safe and effective use of metal parts and equipment. If a piece of machinery or metal has abrasions and burrs, these imperfections can cause a machine to malfunction. Burrs not only waste time and money, but they are potentially dangerous. You can’t afford to have this kind of liability endangering your staff and your bottom line. Deburring also makes the pieces look aesthetically better.

Deburring isn't an option, it's a requirement for quality and functional metal parts. Don’t take your chances with a sub-par service to deburr your metal pieces. Taking the burrs off of metal is a precise and specialized process. What may look fine to the untrained eye could actually be very dangerous over the long term viability of metal parts and equipment. When metal is deburred, it should be done efficiently. However, it shouldn’t be considered safe for use until a workpiece has been thoroughly run through the process.

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