4 Interesting Industries Coating Systems Accommodates To

Airplane taking off in blue sky

At Coating Systems, we seek to benefit any business that may be in need of coating services. With that notion in mind, we end up providing our expertise to many important industries that rely on the use of heavy machinery, high-performance mechanisms, and general safety sealings. This has led us to deal with many interesting companies that all provide something distinct and special to society, and we wanted to take the time to showcase some of these interesting fields of trade. Check out these four fascinating industries that persistently utilize our products and services to benefit their business.


Airplanes and commercial jets rely heavily on the use of the coating products, as the exterior of their structure is exposed to various conditions while traveling at high speeds. The services from Coating Systems help to make sure the elements of these aerospace vehicles are able to withstand the large amounts of pressure that are a commonality when flying. This increased pressure resistance additionally transfers to the ability of higher fuel efficiency, which is important in cutting costs for operators of this industry.

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Food Processing

Another interesting and perhaps little-realized group that uses coating products is the food processing industry. The continuous contact of food and drink on your appliances can result in eventual corrosion, so those in this trade have to make sure that their machinery is properly coated. To help satisfy this demand, Coating Systems uses powder coating, which is an FDA-approved method for safe and effective material preservation.

Hunting & Sportsman

Avid hunters must always be confident that their firearm is prepared to operate safely and will not malfunction because of a corrosive interior. Luckily, Coating Systems is able to address this issue with our ultra-thin Cerakote coating that lines the mechanisms in your gun, helping it to withstand the extreme conditions that result from igniting gunpowder.

Offshore Oil Refineries

Those working at offshore oil refineries count on the use of heavy machinery to complete the various tasks associated with this industry. Because of this, having an apparatus malfunction is unacceptable, especially when performing labor at remote locations. Coating Systems seeks to address this need for protection by providing its Xylan coatings to the different kinds of equipment, helping to keep swift performance and long-lasting durability.

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