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Automotive Coating at Coating Systems

Coating Systems and Automotive Coatings

The automotive industry is held to stringent standards of excellence in safety, durability, and beauty. Coating Systems, Inc., helps car manufacturers and owners hit high marks in all three of these important areas with our high-quality automotive coatings.

Millions of automobile owners rely on their vehicles to get them to and from work each day. Vehicles keep families safe on summer trips and trips to the grocery store. Cars, SUVs, and trucks must operate in all forms of weather and road conditions. Coating Systems provides automotive coatings for engine components, seat belts, and vehicle bodies.

Engine Coatings

Coating Systems' engine coatings and lubricants must function at extremely high temperatures to perform correctly. Your average engine reaches a couple of hundred degrees on a regular basis. Temperatures get even hotter in the summer. Coatings must withstand these temperatures and help engines continue to perform at optimal levels.

Every vehicle needs automotive coating on pistons, in piston chambers, and with just about any part of the engine that uses oil. Moving parts, especially, need coatings to prevent wear and breakage. Professional sandblasting services play a crucial role in this process, and we can do that in-house at Coating Systems. The head gasket, o-rings, and other seals need coatings to help them resist pressure, chemicals, and heat.

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Dry Lubricants

Great for keeping metal surfaces lubricated, some dry lubricants can actually retain fluid for more effective movement of parts. Molykote works great as a dry lubricant in engine blocks. It maintains a film of oil on the surface, which keeps metal from rubbing on metal, reducing the wear of your engine.


When it comes to o-rings and gaskets, your vehicle requires coatings that hold up to pressure and heat. Coatings must also adhere and seal well. At Coating Systems, we have a few different signature coating formulations that do the trick based on the o-ring's polymer construction.

Interior & Exterior Coatings

To reduce damage from rust, sunlight, and harsh weather, automobile manufacturers and car owners turn to coating companies to coat the interior and exterior of vehicles. From window trimmings and frames to control panels and wheels, vehicles need proper coatings to survive the elements and last longer. We make sure to coat each part with the precise formula necessary to protect each part from the unique elements they will face.

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When you want reliable automotive coatings, you need Coating Systems. We do it all. If you need coatings for your seat belts and interior trim, we have got you covered. If you need a robust coating for your oil pan, pistons, or exhaust system, we do those as well. Contact us today to get started with your high-quality automotive coating.