Benefits of Rilsan on Oil Pipelines

Rilsan coated oil pipelines

Whether we dislike it or love it, the United States runs on oil. Companies get this oil from some of the least hospitable places. Companies extract oil from subterranean rocks through fracking. They pump oil from the tundra of Alaska, and they create wells in the ocean. Coating Systems does its part to ensure no mishaps happen in oil pipelines. For both economic and environmental reasons, we cannot afford oil spills and bad piping. Rilsan provides a quality solution that allows oil pipelines in the most inhospitable areas to function properly.
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Coating Pipes in Deep Sea Wells

When it comes to deep sea oil wells, we all know the risk too clearly. Many high profile spills have wreaked havoc on the environment and the images of oil companies. Rilsan gives peace of mind to everyone with its fantastic benefits to deep sea oil wells. When coating flowlines with Rilsan, you reduce the risk of ruptures. This is a coating that can withstand immense levels of pressure. At depths of 6,000 or more feet, flowlines need coatings that can handle the water’s pressure and keep the pipes from bursting.
This coating can also be used for choke and kill lines. Due to, again, the coating’s impressive ability to withstand high pressure and its durability in corrosive environments, Rilsan makes sense for the piping that allows excess sludge and the return of drill fluid.
The coating’s chemical resistance makes it a prime candidate for umbilicals in deep sea well drilling as well. Umbilicals need a coating that can handle the chemicals and the wiring these pipes supply to the wells beneath the surface.
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Pipelines in Difficult Areas

When it comes to pipelines, Rilsan again takes the cake. It can withstand a variety of temperatures while fighting of corrosion and protecting pipelines from chemicals. It is one of the few coatings that could function in Alaska. With a freezing temperature of -76 degrees Fahrenheit, this coating could weather all but the harshest Alaskan winters. The heat it handles makes it perfect for deserts and hot climates as well. Its melting temperature is a staggering 366 degrees Fahrenheit.

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