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Sandstrom Coating Technologies

When we think dry film lubrication with amazing corrosion resistant properties, CSI thinks Sandstrom! Recognized for meeting tough military specifications, by using Sandstrom's technologies, CSI can assist your business by applying coatings that are geared strictly toward performance. CSI can provide the fol­low­ing Sand­strom coat­ings, and mil­i­tary spec­i­fi­ca­tions where available 9A-AS5272C TYPE II (for­merly MIL-L-46010 TYPE II) 099-AS5272C TYPE III-MIL-PRF-46010 G (for­merly MIL-6–46010 TYPE III) LC-300-AS5272C TYPE I (for­merly MIL-L-46010 TYPE I) 28A-MIL-PRF 46147D Hi-T 650-PWA550V #329-MIL-PRF-81329D   Specifications:   9A-AS5272C TYPE II Product Description Sandstrom 9A dry film lubricant is a paint-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments. This heat curing material prevents corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting. It is a…

Lakeside Plastics, Inc. and Coating Systems Inc.

Lake­side Plas­tics devel­ops cus­tom plas­ti­sol for­mu­la­tions to meet the require­ments of OEM’s large and small. They are Coating Systems’ only sup­plier of plas­ti­sol and have been able to meet all requests: Plas­ti­sol for Mil­i­tary Spe­cific Applications Plas­ti­sol for Auto­mo­tive Specifications Plas­ti­sol for Wire Forms Plas­ti­sol for tools Plas­ti­sol for wire forms Specifications:

DuPont Industrial and Coating Systems, Inc.

Dupont coatings seem to show up on prints routinely but sometimes Coating Systems, Inc. is faced with an application that leaves us bewildered. And when it does, Coating Systems, Inc. often calls on the technical support of Dupont Products. We don’t claim to have all of the answers at Coating Systems, Inc., but we know where to go when we get stumped. Dupont and CSI have a great relationship in providing solutions with coatings allowing our teamwork attitude to shine with this supplier. CSI inven­to­ries the fol­low­ing DuPont Industrial products for coating services: PFA 532G-7000 PFA 532-5010 PFA 532-5310 FEP 532-8000 FEP 532G-8110 ETFE 532-6210 420-109 959-205…

DOW Corning

Dow Corning’s Molykote often shows up on engi­neer­ing spec­i­fi­ca­tions where extreme loads require lubri­ca­tion or where breaks in torque are required on fas­ten­ing sys­tems. CSI applies Molykote with both con­ven­tional spray equip­ment and dip-spin equip­ment. We have the nec­es­sary the equip­ment required to cost effec­tively and com­petitively bulk ­coat thou­sands of pounds daily; a Spring­tool 16 and three Ronzi 200’s. CSI Inven­to­ries the fol­low­ing Dow Corn­ing products: Specifications: