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Coating Systems: Anti-Corrosive Firearm Finish

hunting rifle smoking after being shot in need of coating from coating systems

At Coating Systems, we coat just about anything you could imagine. We have the capabilities to coat o-rings, large industrial products, and everything in between. When you come to us for your industrial painting and coating needs, you come to a team of experts who know all about coating. We offer you the expertise we’ve gained over the course of 40 years. This gives us the know-how and ability to offer you quick turnaround times and consultation before the project even starts. When it comes to industrial painting and coating, Coating Systems, Inc., gives you high-quality and durable products you won’t find anywhere else.

Different Forms of Industrial Painting

There a number of options to choose from when it comes to industrial-grade coating and painting. Coating Systems can apply either a wet coating, dry powder coating, or sandblasting to your industrial product. These coatings tend to fulfill the functional necessity to protect your product from wear-and-tear or weather while enhancing the aesthetic value. We customize our coatings to your needs.

Cerakote:  High-Performance, Corrosion-Resistant Polymer Finish

Are you an avid sportsman, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or gun manufacturer who takes pride in maintaining the condition of your firearm? If so, we have just the solution for you at Coating Systems Inc. Allow us to introduce Cerakote, a next-generation, baked-on ceramic polymer coating that refuses to rust or chip. This high-performance finish boasts the toughest thin film coating in the world with an unmatched corrosion and friction resistance that rivals Teflon. It will protect your favorite firearm from the most extreme conditions, all while enhancing its mechanical performance and appearance. At Coating Systems, we can apply Cerakote anti-corrosion coating to all parts of your gun making it completely weatherproof.

Cerakote Has A Variety of Applications

Cerakote provides high-temperature ceramic coatings for a variety of applications, including automotive, engines, car parts, mugs, watches, and sunglasses. We also coat metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and hard anodized alloys. Our experts coat plastics, polymers and composites, mesh strainers, and even wood for optimal performance. Cerakote is the industry leader and is used by more manufacturers than any other high-temperature paint. Operating as a factory-trained certified applicator, Coating Systems can apply Cerakote to just about any substrate you can think of with a guaranteed and fast turnaround time.

Cerakote Has Been Put To The Test

Cerakote has been put to the test both in laboratory settings and real-world application time and time again only to prove that it has superior weather resistance, leading impact and scratch resistance, maximum hardness and flexibility, unmatched chemical resistance, and high surface coverage. Cerakote maintains a smooth, consistent finish despite the wear. There are over 90 mixable colors to choose from. Cerakote is also great for use on any kind of outdoor gear that will be exposed to the elements. This includes treestands, duck-blinds, automotive and exhaust components, and other high-temperature applications.

Why Not Choose Cerakote?

Why not choose Cerakote? Maximum adhesion VOC exempt in all 50 states. Applied using an HVLP spray gun. Signature management products for military and law enforcement. No fingerprint or oily smudges. An advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics. It simply outperforms any competitor coating, and you can request a free sample at any time! Coating Systems, Inc., can help with all of this by applying a uniquely formulated coating to your firearms. We have excelled in the coating industry for decades, and we know exactly what to do to get the best results. Count on Coating Systems today and contact us with your coating needs.

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