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Coating Systems Discusses the Top Uses for Teflon Coating

Teflon is one of the most common types of coatings known to humankind. Invented at the outset of World War II, this coating resists heat while creating a non-stick surface that lets water, food, and other materials slide on the surface easily. Coating Systems discusses the top uses for Teflon coating, also known as PTFE. 


Many cookware manufacturers tout Teflon’s benefits for easy cleaning. That’s because food, grease, and oil don’t stick to Teflon pans. Chances are good your griddle, skillet, or saucepans have this type of coating on them. Coating Systems understands why Teflon is so popular: it has high heat resistance and a very low coefficient of friction.

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Electrical Wiring

Teflon cookware is extraordinarily popular, but it’s not the most common use of this coating. Around half of all Teflon production goes into the insulation of wiring in aerospace and computer applications. That’s because PTFE insulates connectors and cables at high frequencies. Manufacturers can fine-tune Telfon with an electrical field to achieve optimal insulation at high frequencies, making this coating an excellent choice for hookup wires and coaxial cables. Coating Systems can coat wires for your specific applications.


Teflon works very well during the construction of fiberglass composite materials. Composites are commonly used in the aerospace industry to make materials lighter without compromising the strength of airframes or spaceframes. Coating Systems applies PTFE to your aerospace parts to achieve maximum heat resistance for vital aerospace components.

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Curling and Steam Irons

Another household application for Teflon occurs in high-temperature appliances. Curling irons need to deliver heat and steam for beautiful twirly locks. Steam irons need to endure temperatures approaching 250 degrees while easily sliding over fabrics. Coating Systems can determine if your application is right for Teflon/PTFE, especially if you require high temperatures and hardly any friction. 

Teflon Coating From Coating Systems

Coating Systems has the technical expertise to coat your industrial parts with Teflon. Our teams can assess whether or not your parts or machinery benefit from PTFE, and if this coating is right for you. Contact Coating Systems or call toll-free 1-800-367-4193 for more information. 

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