Coating Systems Explains Why Lip Seals Are Important

Several rubber lip seals

Without proper sealing, your machinery will not only function at a lower than optimal level, but it will also deteriorate faster than it should. There are many types of seals, each with their own function, but for rotary equipment, the importance of lip seals cannot be overstated. They provide your machinery with a variety of different benefits, from debris prevention to lubricant retaining.
In today’s post, Coating Systems will take a closer look at lip seals and discuss why they are important. Proper sealing is crucial to the effectiveness of your machinery and this post will help explain why that is true.

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What Are Lip Seals?

To understand the importance of lip seals, you first have to understand what they are. The design of these seals depends on what they are being used for, so while their name might suggest a specific shape or size, it really just depends on the application. Lip seals simultaneously keep debris out while also pumping in lubricants that are necessary.
The main function of these seals is to remove contaminants and pump in lubricants, while also controlling pressure and making sure the right fluids are getting into that specific part of the machinery.

Why Are They Important?

One of the biggest challenges faced by industrial machinery and operators isn’t finding a machine that operates at peak capacity, but one that stays operating at peak capacity. It’s easy to take for granted that your machinery is new, but when you don’t take proper care of your equipment, it deteriorates faster than it should.
That is true of all equipment, not just lip seals, but these seals specifically will keep debris out of your machinery which will in turn preserve lubricant and allow your machine to run more smoothly than it did before.

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What Are They Used For?

Typically, lip seals are used for rotary equipment, but they are also necessary for radial and linear seals, among other things. They have many applications, from slow-moving rotation to high-speed rotation and can function at extreme temperatures.

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