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Rubber support bushings are a very important part of many mechanical devices. They provide a protective buffer between moving mechanical parts and prevent vibration and friction so that each part can function properly without suffering damage over time. Rubber support bushings are often subjected to extreme operating conditions, such as high temperature, mechanical vibration, friction, and exposure to caustic elements, such as metallic and ceramic dust. Coating Systems, Inc. provides technologically advanced coating solutions that ensure excellent operating metrics for support bushings of all kinds. In today’s blog, we will discuss a particularly important application of bushing support products: caliper support bushings in vehicle braking systems.
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Caliper Support Bushings – Functional Importance

The braking systems on motor vehicles are incredibly important, fine-tuned safety systems. From the family van to commercial aeronautics, coating solutions for automotive braking systems save lives every day. The caliper support bushing is a critical mechanical component of braking systems. Caliper support bushings ensure smooth, fine-tuned operation of the caliper slider mechanism, which is integral to proper vehicle braking.

A small mechanical failure in the caliper braking system can cause a catastrophic accident that could cost lives and result in major liability for individuals and businesses. So excellent materials coating is a critical element for safe and reliable caliper support bushing products.

Caliper Support Bushings – Extreme Operating Conditions

Caliper support bushings are exposed to extreme heat, road dust, brake dust, and fine-grained rust particles. Excellent coating technology is necessary for safe and reliable caliper support bushing functionality. Properly coated caliper support bushings will better resist the chronic degrading factors and are better able to maintain low-friction functionality, even after many miles have been put on the vehicle.

Caliper Support Bushings – Coating Technology

Advanced coating technology from Coating Systems, Inc. is available to meet the varied protective needs of caliper support bushings. Carefully formulated coating system products such as Halar, Xylan and ETFE’s can be refined to your specifications. A variety of coating application methods are available, which can be utilized as needed, including spin-coating, spray-on, and dipping techniques.

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Coating Systems, Inc. is responsive to the unique needs of our customers. We will work with your engineering requirements to ensure your exact specifications are met.

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Coating Systems, Inc. delivers advanced coating solutions for even the most demanding specifications. When safety and reliability are critical to functionality, we are prepared to deliver. Contact Coating Systems, Inc. today for more information about how we can help.