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Numerous factors necessitate the advanced coating solutions provided by Coating Systems, Inc. Sometimes coated products require minimal friction between moving parts, so the coating is necessary. Coated products may require high heat tolerances, or must be able to withstand very cold temperatures. Some applications require resilience to alternating wet and dry conditions. Other applications must be FDA certified for food-safe products and equipment. In the case of the product discussed in today’s blog, all of these requirements were needed to provide just the right coating solution for a unique and demanding application: CamelBak Hydration Systems.
In today’s blog, we will discuss a specialized application of Coating Systems, Inc. technology that demonstrates the advanced techniques and specialized formulations that set Coating Systems, Inc. apart from the competition.
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CamelBak Company – Unique Coating Requirements

CamelBak Company manufactures industry-leading hydration solutions for outdoor adventurers worldwide. CamelBak products must be resilient, able to withstand wide temperature variations, from icy Arctic exploration to trekking through punishing desert heat. Coated materials must also remain flexible and supple through repeated transitions between moisture and desiccation. CamelBak products must also be durable and able to undergo variable friction and impact.
CamelBak products, of course, must also be FDA compliant for food-grade materials applications. Providing coating solutions to effectively address the many necessary specifications of the harsh outdoor applications of CamelBak products requires advanced formulation and application techniques, and Coating Systems, Inc. is here to deliver.

Coating Systems Inc – Advanced Coating Solutions

The exact formulation and application of the solutions Coating Systems, Inc. provides to CamelBak are proprietary, but there are many details that can be discussed here.
Advanced coating material formulation from Coating Systems, Inc. delivers food-safe coating solutions that also provide excellent practical functionality. Friction reduction and product release is an important element of coating solutions for food-grade applications, eliminating sticking between materials so that lids are easily removed from containers even after years of outdoor use. Product coating also ensures reduced item wash schedules, as coated surfaces resist the accumulation of grit and grime. Flexibility is also important, as CamelBak products often feature malleable silicone mouthpieces that must retain proper coating during use. Of course, all product applications of coating solutions are FDA Compliant for food-grade use.
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Choose Food-Safe Solutions from Coating Systems Inc

When multifactorial specifications demand uniquely designed coating solutions, Coating Systems, Inc. is here with advanced formulation and application techniques that meet even the most strenuous requirements of our clients. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, the experts at Coating Solutions, Inc. are prepared to deliver exactly what is needed. If you require a challenging coating application for your product, contact Coating Systems Inc today.