Coating Systems: The Perfect Coating for Your Pistons

Coating systems pistons

For years, the military and aerospace industries have used coatings for their equipment and engines. Car companies used coatings for their o-rings and some aspects of their exteriors, interiors, and engines. In recent years, the racing industry has caught on to the benefits of using coatings to increase efficiency and horsepower in car engines. Word spread like wildfire: coatings can make your car faster and more powerful. But is that actually true? In today’s blog, Coating Systems takes a look at the best types of coatings for your engine and what they can do for you.

Anti-Friction Coatings

Many of the coatings available at Coating Systems are anti-friction coatings. They reduce the coefficient of friction to a minimal amount. Some car enthusiasts liked the idea of using these coatings for their pistons. But does it increase power output and horsepower?
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It turns out that anti-friction coatings can potentially increase power output, but it will not be a substantial amount. Nor will it come from coating the pistons The benefits of the come from coating other areas of the engine. Your car will experience a longer lifespan when applied to valve stems, pushrods, and cam lobes.
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Oil Shedders

These are typically Teflon coatings like the FEP or ETFE coatings we provide at Coating Systems. These coatings are typically placed on pistons with the intention of increasing power output. The jury is still out on whether they add enough horsepower to notice, but these coatings have longevity bonuses that make them worthwhile additions. They increase lubrication, decrease engine temperatures, and reduce sludge buildup. These benefits add up by keeping your car running and reducing your maintenance costs.
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Thermal Barriers

Thermal barrier coatings reflect heat. When you coat piston tops with thermal barriers, they increase and help keep heat inside the combustion chamber. This would give your engine more thrust to push the engines down, translating to more power. They have the added benefit of reducing engine temperatures as well. When used to coat the exhaust system, thermal barriers increase the velocity of exhaust flow while also helping prevent corrosion.

Improve Your Car with Coating Systems

Our Coating Systems team has experience coating everything from o-rings to oil pans. Whatever you want to be coated, we can do it. We are a trusted Cincinnati coating team who can help make your car the one of your dreams. Contact Coating Systems today to increase the lifespan of your car.