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Coating Systems: Xylan 1424 For Offshore Oil Refineries

coating systems offshore oil refinery

At Coating Systems, we have the capabilities to coat just about anything you could imagine. Think about o-rings, large industrial products, and everything in between. When you come to us for your industrial painting and coating needs, you come to a team of experts with over 40 years of customer service experience. This gives us the ability to cater to your specific needs, offer quick turnaround times, and consultation before your project even gets off the floor. Coating Systems, Inc. offers high-quality and durable products you won’t find anywhere else.

Top-Grade Fluoropolymer, Xylan, Reduces Friction & Corrosion

At Coating Systems Inc. we have a product to solve your coating problems. If not, we will be happy to coordinate with you to develop a coating that will. Our partner, Whitford Corporation, offers the largest and most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world. They’ve developed that we’ve had enormous success with called Xylan. Xylan is generally used to reduce friction, improve wear resistance, or for non-stick applications. Xylan coatings have also been used extensively in the automotive industry and for corrosion protection in the oil and gas industry. Xylan comes in a variety of different forms all designed for specific purposes and circumstances.

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The Benefits of Xylan 1424

The oil industry faces huge challenges with salt water and chemical corrosion. Fluoropolymer coatings, particularly from the Xylan range, play a vital role on a global scale. Xylan protects key components in one of the harshest natural environments.

Typical items are:

  • Fasteners
  • Stud Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Connectors
  • Bearings
  • Valves
  • Shafts
  • Pipework

Whether the application is an anti-corrosion coating, chemical corrosiveness, galvanic corrosion, reducing make-up torque, anti-galling, or color coding of sub-sea connectors, we have a wide range of solutions. Our coatings give unrivaled performance and allow the use of less exotic metals to create a major cost benefit.

Xylan 1424:

  • Description - Dry-film lubricant designed for use on any substrate requiring lubrication. Highly corrosion resistant coating material that is a waterborne/VOC-compliant, resin-bonded, thermally cured, single-film, dry lubricant. It is primarily formulated for use on fasteners to facilitate make-up torque. Xylan 1424 offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and reduces makeup and break-out torque as well. Similar to Xylan 1014.
  • Typical Application - Standard fastener coating.

Xylan Experiment Proves Its Efficacy

Laboratory experiments can sometimes be inaccurate. Our proactive partner, Whitford Corporation, has taken efforts to install a number of panels on the pier legs of the European Marine Energy Centre to be trial tested for their corrosion-resistant performance over long periods of time. One of these plates and bolts, coated with Xylan, is still in pristine condition after two years underwater. The test is set to run for five more years. To that end, there’s really nothing like putting products to the test in a real-life environment to prove they can stand up to what they claim.

Why Choose Coating Systems for Your Industrial Needs?

These real-life experiments are precisely what sets Coating Systems Inc. apart from our competitors. We can also apply wet coating, dry powder coating, or a sandblasting to your industrial products. With over 40 years of experience in customer service, Coating Systems promises fast turnaround times while providing proactive partnerships with top manufacturers to ensure the use of high-quality, durable products for superior value. We also offer engineering service and consultation before the start of the project! Contact us or fill out a form to request a quote or free samples!