The Differences Between Metal and Wood Emralon

Emralon coatings for wood and metal hinges

Coating Systems boasts 40 years in providing industrial coating and lubrication solutions across a variety of industries. This experience has given us a detailed understanding of how to provide the best services possible, from finding the right materials for the job, to deciding the right way to apply it.

Whether it’s discussing the minor details and technicalities of a project or looking at the overall implications of your choice of coating material, Coating Systems can help. Is Emralon the best material for your needs? Are you looking for local sandblasting services? Need coatings for knife blades, auto parts, or small fasteners? These are just some of the options that we can help you with.
The Coating Systems blog is here to offer some more specific, detailed information about products and topics. By educating you, we hope to give you a better starting point when it comes to choosing the right coating solution. In this entry, we take another look at Emralon –  this time, how it can be used as a coating in both metallic and wood-based applications and how some industrial coating materials offer surprising versatility.

Wood Applications

Using dry lubricants like Emralon for wood surfaces and wooden pieces such as hinges or other connectors is common. The reason for this is that it offers all of the benefits of a typical lubricant, but without being sticky or oily, meaning it does not attract dust or other particulate matter. This means getting the benefits of better lubrication without sacrificing the appearance – which is also helped by Emralon’s ability to form a translucent coating. This way, none of the color or character of a wooden surface is lost.

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These benefits also apply across a range of other applications, including rubber, plastic, and glass. Being able to coat or lubricate without attracting dust or other particles is a major benefit when used in so many different household items and applications that involve a variety of materials.

Metal Applications

A dry film lubricant for metal surfaces and pieces has a range of benefits, too. Much like with wood, plastic or other materials, this type of lubricant is ideal for metallic moving parts that regularly slide or rotate. Dry film lubricants such as Emralon go a long way in greatly extending the life of metallic moving parts and pieces of equipment, significantly reducing wear.

What’s the Difference?

So, is there a difference in using a dry film lubricant on wood, metal or any other material? Ultimately, no – the benefits of a coating material such as this stretch across a range of applications, which is one of the reasons their use is so common. Not only do they offer versatility, but a simplicity of use which means they can be used in both industrial and at-home tasks.

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Emralon for Wood, Metal and More

If you’re looking into coating options, we hope our blog has given you the right information to get started. Of course, it’s always important to remember that this blog is just for informational purposes and every project will have its own specific set of needs.

Your best option is to talk to an industry professional, and your best decision would be to contact Coating Systems. We can take a proactive role in your project from the beginning, and help you make the right choice – Emralon or otherwise – for your needs.