ETFE is Improving Solar Panel Production

Solar panel in the sun

Solar-powered energy has made major strides over the last few years, establishing itself as a major player in the energy industry. One factor that has improved the performance and efficiency in solar energy is the use of ETFE as a protective layer for flexible solar panels. Learn why ETFE is the ideal protective coating for solar panels with Coating Systems today.

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Technological Advances

A good flexible solar panel requires ETFE coating for protection. ETFE, or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, is a fluorite-based plastic that can easily withstand high temperatures while promoting solar efficiency. This incredible coating is the ideal technology for solar panels because ethene, the basic molecule of the plastic, is very stable and able to withstand high levels of thermal stress and volatile chemicals. In addition, ETFE is totally permeable to UV rays, allowing the maximum amount of solar energy to penetrate the panels.

ETFE is also stain-resistant and “self-cleaning.” Since it has a non-adhesive surface, dust and grime that come into contact with the surface are easily washed away during rainfall. This means solar panels will require much less maintenance than non-ETFE panels as they don’t need to be regularly cleaned to reach optimum performance.

The flexible nature of ETFE also enables the creation of flexible solar panels. Installing flexible solar panels is much easier, and they can be used in many more applications than traditional fixed panels.

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ETFE Is a Green Product

Even the most well-made solar panel has a limit to how long it will last. Making conscientious decisions regarding the materials used is an important aspect of a “green” energy. ETFE is made from sustainable material and is easily recyclable at the end of the solar panel’s life. In addition, ETFE is a very light material, so the carbon footprint created by transportation is much less than alternative materials such as glass.

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