Four Reasons Why You Need Rubber Gasket Coating

Rubber gaskets

Your rubber gaskets are important for keeping your machinery healthy and functional. However, while they help to keep your machines running smoothly, rubber gaskets also need steps taken to keep them working smoothly and efficiently. A good way to lose money is to not properly coat your gaskets, something that isn’t uncommon in this industry.
Today, Coating Systems will take a look at why rubber gasket coating is so important. Specifically, we will look at four reasons why you need rubber gasket coating and what might happen if you don’t utilize it.

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1. Maximum Lubrication and Protection

A major aspect of keeping your machinery up and running for as long as possible is proper lubrication and protection. This includes more than just rubber gaskets. Depending on what machinery you are protecting, other types of seals will play a major role too, all with the goal of lubricating and protecting the machines.
While lip and quad seals work to keep debris out, rubber gaskets will prevent leakage. Leakage can be a big problem for industrial machinery, and having properly lubricated gaskets can help prevent that.

2. Cosmetic Appeal

Another benefit of rubber gasket coating that is often forgotten is the cosmetic appeal. These coating solutions come in a variety of different colors, which serve multiple cosmetic purposes. The first is aesthetic appeal. The most useful benefit will come from color coding certain gaskets and parts. Using rubber gasket coating to color code your machinery can make your employees’ jobs easier and also prevent mishandling.

3. Reusing

If they are properly taken care of, rubber gaskets can be used multiple times. One of, if the not the biggest benefits of rubber gasket coating is the money that it can save you by not only keeping your equipment healthy but also by keeping your gaskets functional. Rather than having to replace gaskets, rubber gasket coating gives you the ability to reuse the gaskets. Coating will help extend the life of your gaskets and as a result, save you money.

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4. Heightened Performance

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, rubber gasket coating is important because it will raise the level of performance for both your gaskets and your machinery. Having well lubricated and coated gaskets will improve friction and sealing on the gaskets, which will make your machinery run more smoothly.

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