Kynar for Solar Panels

Kynar Solar Panel

The ever-growing solar industry has been a huge boon for the environment, helping to create clean, sustainable energy. The driving force behind collecting solar energy is photovoltaic solar panels. These panels need have extremely detailed and efficient designs, allowing them to collect the maximum amount of energy in an effective and efficient manner. In order for these panels to continue to operate with minimal maintenance and at peak efficiency, certain measures must be taken. One such measure is using Kynar film to coat them. Kynar is an excellent coating solution for these panels, and today in the Coating Systems, Inc. blog, we’ll explain why.

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How Do Photovoltaic Systems Work?

First, a brief primer on photovoltaic systems and solar power. In the simplest terms possible, the photovoltaic panels absorb radiation from the sun and convert it into electricity for us to utilize. Many solar panels work off of “available sunlight” meaning they absorb as much radiation as possible during the day and store it. Most solar panels run at about 20% efficiency, meaning they convert 20% of the sunlight they take in into pure energy. The more panels you have connected, the more energy you can absorb in any given amount of time. Solar Panels have become thin and flexible enough that they can now be applied to even residential properties, meaning people don’t have to use utility companies to get their power. Regardless of whether solar panels are used for a business, home, or anything in between, you want them operating at peak efficiency. That’s where Kynar comes in.

Why Choose Kynar for Solar Panels

When manufacturing solar panels, you want them to operate at peak efficiency for as long as possible and be resistant to the elements. One of the biggest challenges with keeping solar panels in optimum working condition is dirt buildup, weather and moisture wear, and other environmental factors, such as contaminants. Kynar is extremely chemical-, moisture-, and temperature-resistant. This means greater reflectivity for your solar panels and less maintenance and cleaning in the long run. This is invaluable in the solar panel industry, as you can’t afford for your panels to be less efficient than others.

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