Why Lathe Cut Gaskets Are More Cost-Effective Than Other Gaskets

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If you wish to seal any mechanical object, you might naturally think of ordering o-rings. Though they have been historically seen as the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to seal any leak, o-rings are not the only option for keeping lubricants in or contaminants out of your machinery’s sealed areas. Lathe cut gaskets can do the same job as o-rings, and often they are more cost-effective.

Wait, Wait, What About Die Cut Seals?

You may have heard of not only o-rings and, now, lathe cut gaskets but also die-cut seals. Yes, this can be a very cost-effective option for sealing your machinery, but in many situations, Coating Systems can manufacture lathe cut seals at a cheaper price. We then pass those savings on to you.

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Die-cut seals require us to create and manufacture a unique die used to cut your gaskets. If you need large volumes of multiple sizes, then multiple dies would be needed. Lathe cut gaskets, on the other hand, only need a tube of rubber and a mandrel from which to cut the gaskets to your specification.

Why Are Lathe Cut Gaskets Cheaper Than O-rings?

Whereas we manufacture lathe cut gaskets and die cut seals by cutting an already formed material, o-ring manufacturing requires us to mold the seal. This means we must create molds for each type of o-ring you need to be manufactured. This can quickly increase costs.

O-rings are also less effective on any static machinery. Static machinery refers to any machinery in which the parts in need of sealing do not move in relation to one another. Lathe cut gaskets, due to their square cross-surface, keep their shape under higher pressure and last longer than o-rings. High pressure will affect and deform o-rings sooner than either lathe-cut or die-cut seals. This means you will replace o-rings at a higher rate than other types of gaskets. At a higher manufacturing cost and a sooner replacement time, o-rings cannot compete in static machinery.

When to Use O-rings

Is there any situation when you would need to choose an o-ring over lathe-cut or die-cut seals? When you need a seal for dynamic machinery, you should choose o-rings. They rounded cross-surface allows them to better seal parts in motion. Pistons in engines often need o-rings to keep sealed.

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