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We at Coating Systems, Inc. are proud to offer a variety of coating services and solutions designed to reduce friction coefficients and make your life easier. While we’re happy to provide coating services such as industrial painting, sandblasting, dry lubricants, and dip-spin coating, it’s the custom application jobs that really give us an opportunity to show off. Here are some case studies of custom applications we’ve done that we’d like to share.

Case Studies :

  • Coating Systems: Steel Rings Bosh Cups Coating

    Coating Systems was approached by ITW, who was looking for coatings for Steel Ring Bosch Cups to be applied to luxury sports cars. Our process was to take the coating they were already using and reverse engineer a newer, more…

  • Seat Belt Coating and Safety

    In this case, Coating Systems was approached by a first-tier automotive manufacturer with the job to develop a coating for their seat belts. Because we know how important seat belts are for automotive safety, potentially saving lives in auto accidents,…

  • Steel Credit Card

    When a high-end financial institution approached us at Coating Systems with an opportunity to work on a credit card, we took it. Our job was to develop a magnetic chemical coating that would allow the card to support a magnetic…

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As these cases show, Coating Systems is not only equipped, but ingenious enough to handle a variety of coating system demands. If you’re looking for superior solutions for your needs, call Coating Systems, Inc., and we’ll help you produce a stronger, long-lasting product. You can reach us at 1-800-593-7754 or email us at