Powder Coating Tips for Automotive Applications

Wheel being powder coated

Powder coating is a fast-growing service with a variety of benefits, from cost-effectiveness to environmental friendliness. Powder coating is often used on metal surfaces or any surface that can hold an electrostatic charge, and one of its most common applications is in the automotive industry. Today, Coating Systems will review a few of these powder coating applications and offer some useful tips.

Powder Coating for Wheels

When it comes to automotive applications, the most common powder coating use is with car wheels. The biggest reason why people prefer powder coating instead of a traditional liquid paint job is simply that powder coatings perform much better on rims and wheels than liquid paint.

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Powder solutions are much more durable and perform better on metal wheels, and they are also fully customizable. This gives you the look you want without having to sacrifice performance or durability.

Powder Coating for Motorcycle Parts

Another common automotive application for powder coatings is motorcycle parts. This includes shells, wheels, or any metal part in between. Similar to powder solutions for wheels and rims, motorcycle enthusiasts prefer powder over liquid paint because of its high performance quality and durability. This is especially important with motorcycles since nearly all motorcycle parts are exposed to the elements.

Powder also gives you customization options while keeping the frame and parts of your motorcycle safe from harsh weather conditions. In addition, powder is easy to apply and more cost-effective, which makes it a superior option for your motorcycle.

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