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Surface coating from Coating Systems

Coating Systems offers a wide variety of surface coatings and coating services. Learn more about the benefits of surface coatings and why you should trust the professionals below.

How Surface Coatings Work

The term surface coating applies to most natural or synthetic products that have a primary function to protect the surface or object. At Coating Systems, we specialize in powder coatings and dip-spin coatings for machinery and equipment in a variety of industries. Our coatings form a bond with the surface and create a thin film that reduces friction and provides protection against abrasive chemicals, water, and other substances.

Benefits of Surface Coating

Longer Machine Life

Industrial machinery and equipment take a significant amount of abuse on a daily basis. Being constantly in use can wear down the gears and other important elements of the machine. With surface coating from Coating Systems, the parts of the machine that constantly come into contact with the other parts have a layer of protection, reducing friction and keeping the integrity of the machine parts intact for longer. This keeps the machine running longer without having to replace parts or the entire machine itself.

Reduced Energy Costs

A majority of the surface coatings available from Coating Systems have a low coefficient of friction. This means that there is a decrease in resistance when the coating comes into contact with other surfaces and substances. Because of this reduced resistance, the equipment or machinery won’t have to use as much energy to overcome the resistance, reducing the overall energy costs for the machine.

Higher Efficiency

Since machinery with surface coating does not have to use as much energy to counteract the resistance between the gears and other parts of the machine, the machinery will be more efficient overall. An investment into surface coating from Coating Systems for your equipment or machinery is a smart long-term investment for your production and bottom line.

Why Hire the Professionals

While there are do-it-yourself methods for applying surface coatings, you don’t have to take on the process all on your own. Trust the professionals at Coating Systems. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, our team can quickly and efficiently add the necessary surface coating to your machinery or other equipment with minimal hassle.

Contact Coating Systems Today

At Coating Systems, we have a variety of different surface coating options and coating services to fit your needs. For more information on our products and services, contact Coating Systems by calling 1-800-593-7754 or check out the Coating Systems website today.

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