Three Types of Wear Reduced by Xylan

man checks corroding pipe that needed Xylan

In our last blog regarding industrial wear, we introduced the discipline of tribology which studies how surfaces and materials break down through repeated contact. There are six commonly recognized types of wear that surfaces experience. Our last blog addressed adhesive wear, abrasive wear, and surface fatigue.

Today, Coating Systems, Inc. examines fretting wear, erosive wear, and corrosive/oxidative wear. We will also discuss what the application of a dry film lubricant, such as Xylan, can do to reduce the wear and extend the overall lifespan of the machinery.
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Fretting Wear

Fretting wear occurs when surfaces rub repeatedly on one another in a cyclical motion. As with many types of wear, fretting wear involves one or both surfaces losing material. This kind of wear is most common in bearings, and can be further worsened by lost material oxidizing, becoming hard, and causing further damage to the bearing.
Xylan is a versatile dry film lubricant; one of the many ways it can be applied is to reduce fretting. Because Xylan is resistant in particularly harsh environments that involve extreme temperatures, it can be used where other lubricants may not be able to perform.

Erosive Wear

Erosive wear occurs when abrasive particles impact a surface. It can be understood as a very brief sliding motion that occurs when the particle strikes the surface. However, as you can imagine in the case of sandblasting, that small but repeated contact can put a dramatic strain on a surface. This kind of wear is particularly common in piping systems.
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Because of the way the impacting particles can catch, at a microscopic level, on the edges of asperities in metal surfaces, wear becomes possible. Xylan fills in those small crevices between the asperities, allowing for a smoother surface which will not wear as quickly.

Corrosive/Oxidative Wear

These types of wear occur when chemicals come into contact with a surface, causing it to break down by a chemical reaction. Because Xylan is able to coat a surface, it protects the surface from some corrosive materials such as salt spray on an offshore oil rig.

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