Why Do We Coat Solar Panels With ETFE?

Solar Panels at Sunset

Sustainability is the name of the game when it comes to solar panels. We at Coating Systems understand that solar panels are an investment meant to withstand time, and this is why we choose to coat our solar panels with ETFE. In today’s blog, Coating Systems discusses how the market potential for ETFE is limitless because of its flexibility, industry use, and green potential.

Flexibility & Strength

In our previous blog, How ETFE Improves Solar Panel Production,  ETFE, or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, we explain that this substance is a fluorite-based plastic that can easily withstand high temperatures while promoting solar efficiency. 

The base-level makeup of this material is flexible but also very resistant to damage. This makes ETFE an excellent candidate for solar panel construction, as it will last over time while withstanding the elements. 

ETFE is also permeable for UV rays and self-cleaning due to it being naturally resistant to grime and corrosion. 

Industry Use

ETFE can be used in virtually every industry for solar purposes, because of its flexibility and self-cleaning nature. 

From greenhouses to roofing, this material has a resistance that most others would not. 

It only makes sense that solar panels themselves have been a recipient of the ETFE coating. 

Light Weight

The plastic base in the material of ETFE is also lightweight. This allows manufacturers of solar panels to add more items to the panels. As technology advances and improves, items get smaller and more compact. ETFE will continue to be a necessary item for solar panels.


ETFE has been around for a long time. It’s cost-effective, and there are many industries that need ETFE. The solar industry relies on high-quality ETFE coatings for the best possible performance of their products. We can produce this coating for you, and coat your panels properly.

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Overall, ETFE is a flexible, industry-favored, and sustainable option for coating materials that require resistance to time and weather conditions. This is why we use it to coat solar panels in our workshop. 

Coating Systems Is Here to Help!

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