About Coating Systems, Inc.

Over more than 40 years of operation, Coating Systems, Inc. has earned a reputation our clients trust, built on our dedication to honesty, excellence, partnership, and unrivaled customer service. We’re on a mission to be the best in our vertical, and we’re proving it every day.

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Our Mission

Coating Systems, Inc. is dedicated to the mission of providing clients in every industry with exceptional coating solutions that exceed expectations. We will strive every day to lead our field with the highest level of technical expertise in custom coating formulation, application, quality assurance, and optimization.

Why Choose CSI?

40 years of Proven Experience in Customer Service

Our customers come first. Always. Coating Systems, Inc. is a name our customers can always rely on.

Engineering and Application Consultation

Consult with Coating Systems, Inc. for expert assistance with project planning, from engineering and prototypes to full-scale production

State of the Art Equipment

CSI uses large capacity, high-temperature certified batch ovens that meet the requirements of our Quality Management System, which is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Complete In-House Services and Rapid Turnaround

We have always prioritized complete in-house service, so we can ensure rapid turnaround times with quality assurance you count on.

Proactive Partnership for High-Quality, Durable Products

We are dedicated to proactive partnerships that yield mutually profitable outcomes over the long term. When you win, we win.

Contact Coating Systems

Want to learn more about Coating Systems and get started perfecting your next project? Contact our team of experts today for unrivaled customer assistance, wherever you are in the process. Bring us your most difficult problems, your toughest questions, your biggest goals, and we’ll provide the custom coating solution to get the job done.

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Download Our Guide on Dip-Spin Coating to get started!

Our guide to dip-spin coating will delve into the application, advantages, and outcomes of this process to help your industrial machinery and fixtures last longer. We’ll collaborate with your team and engineers to develop the optimal coating for your items to meet your exact specifications and standards.