Dip-Spin Coating for Fasteners

At Coating Systems, Inc., we offer dip-spin coating for a wide variety of products. The fastener industry possibly benefits from dip-spin coating more than any other industry out there. Because fasteners are so small, we can coat a massive amount of them in a very short period of time. Unlike powder coating, which allows us to only coat a few products at a time, dip-spin lets us coat thousands of fasteners in one eight-hour shift. This efficiency keeps your business going. You can be sure to always have plenty of fasteners coated and ready for the shelves.

Why Should You Coat Your Fasteners?

Used in just about everything, fasteners need to survive the elements. If your fasteners can’t stand up to salt and water, along with other corrosives, then you will not be able to compete in this industry. Choosing dip-spin coating from Coating Systems, Inc., keeps you competitive in the fastener industry. We produce only the highest quality coatings, and you can rest assured that when we coat your product, it will stand up to the elements.

What Types of Coatings Do We Use?

We help you choose the best coating for your needs. You already know that not all fasteners for all industries need to withstand the same corrosive pressures, and we know which coatings work best for your specific needs.

Phenolics – If your fasteners are needed in an extremely acidic environment, then you might want to go with a phenolic coating. These coatings also work well for high temperatures and many different chemicals.

Epoxies – Also fantastic for fasteners that need to withstand harsh chemical environments, epoxies are an excellent choice for adding significant resilience to your product.

Ceramics – Coating Systems, Inc., offers a variety of ceramic coatings that will make your fasteners more resistant. We can offer coats that increase thermal barriers, reduce conductivity, or help your fastener act as a sealant.

Fluoropolymer – If you need a coating that has non-stick properties, resists corrosion, insulates, and reduces friction, then your fasteners might benefit from fluoropolymers.

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It doesn’t matter whether you design fasteners for the automotive industry or for gazebos. Your name and reputation depend on the durability of your product. When you choose dip-spin coating with us, you bolster the strength of your fasteners and the strength of your brand. If you want a stronger, safer, and higher quality fastener, then you should choose dip-spin coating. Contact Coating Systems, Inc., today to get started.