Consumer Products Applications

From screwdrivers and hair dryers to refrigerators and children’s toys, we can help you assess, test, and optimize the perfect coating solution to meet the demanding needs of your customers. Need anti-stick surface coating for cookware? How about waterproof coating for the engine casing on a chainsaw? We can help you anticipate end-use requirements and custom-formulate the perfect coatings to fulfill them.

Work with the team at Coating Systems, Inc. to fulfill every requirement and specification for your consumer product coating solution.

Custom Coating Services for Consumer Products

Custom coating for consumer products can provide exceptional value for manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. The right custom-formulated coating for consumer products can increase the aesthetic and functional experience of the consumer, leading to increased sales, increased consumer satisfaction, and improved supply-chain operations.

Benefits of Custom Coating for Consumer Products

The consumer product market is extremely demanding, and only the best products with the most optimized production, aesthetic, functionality, and quality are destined for success. Let Coating Systems provide a complete suite of coating solutions, formulated for your unique needs. Review our list of wide-ranging capabilities that can benefit your consumer products.

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Wherever your business operates in the consumer product supply chain, the Coating Systems team can step in and create optimal coating solutions to meet the aesthetic, functional, and operational needs of your business. Bring us your most difficult problem, and we will provide the perfect coating solution.