Coating Systems partners with many manufacturers as a certified applicator of next-generation wet and dry powder coatings. One would almost need a materials science degree to understand how these sophisticated hydrocarbons and fluoropolymer coatings work. But there’s no need for that. Coating Systems exists to easily explain how your products benefit from a wide range of coatings. We put our products through rigorous tests both in real-world and laboratory environments to prove their efficacy. With that said, we have the knowledge to select and apply the perfect coating to meet your specific requirements. If you’re in need of the best fluoropolymer manufactured to use for everything from offshore oil refinery hardware to farm irrigation, we have a solution for you.

Coating Systems & Whitford Corp.
Irrigation Seal Solutions

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we partner with Whitford Coatings to offer the following services for whatever water/wastewater needs you may have:

Reduce Friction & Corrosion

Whatever your coating issue, we most likely have a product that will solve it. If not, we will work closely with you to develop a custom coating that will. Whitford offers the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world. One of the amazing dry film coatings they’ve developed is called Xylan. Xylan is generally used to reduce friction, improve wear resistance, or for non-stick applications (i.e. non-stick cookware). Xylan coatings have also been used extensively in the automotive industry and for corrosion protection in the oil and gas industry. That being said, Xylan comes in a variety of different forms, all designed for specific purposes and circumstances.

water valve with custom coating on farm

The Benefits of Xylan

Xylan 1010 is still the most versatile, most dependable, most successful industrial fluoropolymer coating in the world.

  • Description – High temperature resistant; low coefficient of friction; abrasion/wear resistant; easy clean; dry film lubricant; thermoset; wide use temperature; anti-galling.
  • Typical Application – Any mating surfaces that need dry lubrication in high speed and/or low-pressure environments such as rotary actuators, valve balls, plugs stems, bearings.

Xylan 1237:

  • Description – Low-cure, VOC compliant coating formulated for application by a conventional spray or dip-spin coating technique. Provides good adhesion, excellent lubricity, and moderate chemical resistance.
  • Typical Application – Temperature sensitive elastomers; plastics.

Xylan 1014 is a fastener class coating that contains significantly more bonding resin relative to its content of PTFE lubricant, compared to Xylan 1010.

  • Description – Altering the formula in this manner produces finishes which are harder, more abrasion-resistant, glossier, and less porous. Frictional values remain low and very predictable.
  • Typical Application – Fastener coating for extremely low or high temperatures

Xylan 1424:

  • Description – Fastener-class coating material that is a waterborne/VOC-compliant, resin-bonded, thermally cured, single-film, dry lubricant. It is primarily formulated for use on fasteners to prevent corrosion and facilitate make-up torque.
  • Typical Application – Standard fastener coating.

Why Choose Coating Systems for Your Industrial Needs?

Coating Systems has developed a sterling reputation in the industry for offering speedy turnaround time and superior value on high quality, durable products. With over 40 years of experience, we take pride in building synergistic partnerships with our manufacturers and clients. We also offer engineering service and consultation before the start of the project! Contact us or fill out a form to request a quote or free samples!