Industrial Painting

At Coating Systems, we coat just about anything you could imagine. We have the capabilities to coat o-rings, large industrial products, and everything in between. When you come to us for your industrial painting and coating needs, you collaborate with a team of experts who know all about coating.

We offer you the expertise we’ve gained over the course of more than 40 years. This gives us the know-how and ability to offer you quick turnaround times and expert consultation before the project even starts.

When it comes to industrial painting and coating, Coating Systems, Inc., gives you high-quality and durable products you won’t find anywhere else.

industrial painting for steel frames

Different Forms of Industrial Painting

If your company requires industrial-grade coating and painting, you have a lot of options to choose from. Coating Systems can apply either a wet coating or a dry powder coating to your products. These coatings tend to fulfill the functional necessity to protect your product from ordinary wear and tear or weather. But this durability doesn’t mean our coatings lack aesthetic value while maintaining the professional look of your equipment. We customize our coatings to your needs, and can even have coatings in a rainbow of colors.


Epoxy coatings are extremely popular because they offer strong resistance to wear and tear. They work great as coatings for metal and flooring.


Extremely adaptable and durable, polyurethane coatings protect anything from concrete bridges to wooden deck chairs. It also helps objects hold up under pollution and severe weather.


If your business uses vats or tanks that need to resist chemicals, then a phenolic coating might offer the best protection. Phenolic coatings protect your products from solvents, salts, and acids.

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (C.A.R.C.)

This coating works exceptionally well at protecting your equipment from biological and chemical compounds. CARCs are also designed to withstand decontamination solutions.


If your products need to withstand high temperatures and chemicals, then Coating Systems can use enamel coatings to protect them. This technical process is effective for cookware and laboratory products.


The main component of PVC, polyvinyl strengthens metals and plastics. We use this coating on plumbing pipes, cards, packages, and other objects.

Hybrid Polyesters

Typically used to the same effect as epoxy coatings, hybrid polyesters add a little resilience to epoxy coatings. They don’t deteriorate as rapidly as epoxies, but some hybrids are more susceptible to the wear of chemicals and solvents than epoxies.

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