OEM Equipment

The Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) industry is extremely demanding. Your customers base their business on the equipment that you manufacture, so your excellent reputation for reliable and long-lasting equipment goes a long way. 

Coating Systems offers more than 40 years of proven experience helping our OEM partners build equipment that operates better, lasts longer, and is more profitable for our clients and their customers.

Custom Coating Services for OEM

We offer a complete array of custom coating solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturing, with in-house services that allow end-to-end quality assurance at every step of the process. Let the team at Coating Systems, Inc. help you anticipate the demands of your OEM end-users, then we’ll provide the ideal coating solution to meet those demands.

Benefits of Custom Coatings for OEM

We can provide custom formulations that address the unique needs of your equipment, even down to site-specific environmental conditions. If you manufacture OEM valves used for petroleum handling, some of those valves may end up exposed to saltwater spray, desert sun, extreme heat, or extreme cold. 

Work with our team to carefully assess every detail, so your OEM equipment will have the most beneficial coating for your needs.

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Get in touch with the team of experts at Coating Systems, Inc. for precision-formulated solutions for your OEM coating needs. We work hard to develop trust and partnership with every client, so you know you can rely on everything we do. Contact us today to begin the conversation.