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When most people think of corrosion, they don’t think of it coming from fruits or vegetables. But anyone who has worked in the food industry knows just how abrasive food can be. At Coating Systems, Inc., we have extensive experience coating products in a variety of industries. We know exactly what it takes to keep your food products non-stick and resilient to the foods they will cook, process, or carry. If you are in the distillery or processing industry, you know how much damage food and drink can do to your machinery. When you choose a coating from Coating Systems, Inc., you invest in your future and save money down the road.

What Products Need Coating?

If you want durable cookware and food processing equipment, then you need to apply the proper coating. Everything from an in-home oven to a distillery tank container needs a protective layer. Coating Systems, Inc., applies powder coating that is FDA-approved, safe, and extremely effective.

When you choose powder coating from Coating Systems, Inc., you give yourself an advantage over the competition. We give you coatings that save you money, protect your products, and do credit to your brand. Our experience and attention to detail make us stand out and allow us to give you the best coating possible.

What Types of Coating Do We Offer?

At Coating Systems, Inc., we offer coatings that are safe and ready for food. We offer coatings services for direct food contact. Our different coatings all provide durability and safety.

Fluoropolymer – Fluoropolymer coats resist corrosion, stand up well to acids, insulate effectively, and create a non-stick surface for your food processing device.

PTFE – If you want cookware that withstands extremely high temperatures and still offers a non-stick surface, then you may want to go with PTFE fluoropolymer coatings. They can handle the highest temperatures of all fluoropolymer.

PFA – Similar to PTFE, PFA offers a very resistant surface that doesn’t stick. It can withstand high temperatures as well, making it perfect for cooking and food processing.

DuPont Silverstone – With a more durable finish than DuPont’s well known Teflon, Silverstone acts as a fantastic non-stick surface on griddles, bakery pans, kettles, mixers, and other high-heat cookware.

Download Our Guide to see if fluoroplastics are right for you!

From exceptional chemical resistance to high-temperature stability, fluoroplastics offer unparalleled advantages that can elevate the performance of your products. Download our guide to see if fluoroplastics are right for your application, or contact our team, and we’ll tailor the perfect coating solution to your specific needs.

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