Custom Fluoropolymer

We apply and engineer custom fluoropolymer coating formulations to meet even the most specialized commercial and industrial needs. 

We can coat most solid substrates with custom fluoropolymer coating, including metals, ceramics, glass, composites, plastics, and rubber products.  Fluoropolymers can be applied with custom-engineered formulations of wet spray, electrostatic powder, fluidized bed powder, and dip-spin coating.

orange powder coating for metal parts

The Benefits of Custom Fluoropolymers

Static seals, as their name implies, are o-rings set in place to perform a single function. Dry film lubricant coatings help these o-rings slide easily into place because it reduces the insertion force.

Because dry film lubricant coatings do not form a chemical bond to the base substrate of the o-ring itself, but rather adhere to it like a glue, they should not be considered permanent. Dry film lubricant coatings must be replaced from time to time. Even so, they will dramatically increase the life of your static seal o-rings.

technician spray coating steel item
hand holding spray coating gun

Custom Fluoropolymer Capabilities

Choose Coating Systems for Custom Fluoropolymer Solutions

Contact the expert team at Coating Systems to confirm our capabilities and get started on your project. We will provide a detailed analysis of your needs and a complete quote for your project. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to start a conversation with Coating Systems, Inc.