Coating Systems Inc. operates as a licensed industrial applicator of top fluoropolymer manufacturers. By developing working partnerships with numerous fluoropolymer manufacturers, we assure that you will receive the highest-quality coating treatments available on the market. We are a charter member DuPont® Licensed Industrial Teflon® Applicator (LIA). Coating Systems is also a certified applicator for the following manufacturers: Whitford Corporation, Lakeside Plastics, DuPont, Cerakote, Arkema, Fuchs, McLube, Kluber, Henkel Acheson, and Sandstrom Coating Technologies. The following are some of the industrial-grade wet and dry coatings and paints that we source from the aforementioned manufacturers: Emralon, Tm001, MOLYKOTE®, Rilsan, Kynar, Halar, Etfe, FEP, Molybdenum Disulfide, Plastisol, Xylan, etc.

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings for Military Use

Coating Systems Inc. is an experienced supplier of Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARCs) to the defense industry for use in various military applications. Our operations are MIL-SPEC compliant. We also offer competitive pricing as well as flexible and accommodating lead times. Our CARCs, usually epoxy or polyurethane, are formulated to provide the required resistance to harsh chemicals that are used to wash down military equipment, or exposed to chemical warfare agents such as nerve gas. These coatings are engineered to withstand the caustic nature of decontaminating chemicals, predominant solvents, and play a crucial role in prolonging the service life of military equipment and vehicles. Surfaces coated with our CARC compounds are virtually impenetrable to radioactive, chemical, and biological contaminants.

How CARCs Save Lives on the Battlefield

CARC camouflage provides much more than visual camouflage. It’s a critical element in efforts to increase troop survivability on the battlefield. The rights to the patented CARC material are owned by the U.S. government, and only certain manufacturers are licensed to produce it for military use. CARC is also regulated under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation. CARCs have particular life-saving benefits with regard to Infrared Signature Management. Each of the colors in the camouflage system contains a special pigment package that camouflages vehicles and equipment when they are in their intended theater of operation. Our coatings prevent them from being detected by enemy weapons systems. Using commercially available aerosol paints such as Krylon™ may create an IR “hotspot” and a potential target for IR homing weapons systems. That is why it is extremely important to touch up CARC paint with real CARC paint.

military truck on street
soldier works on custom coated laptop

Plastisols for Military Use

Plastisols are very versatile, offering a multitude of application & processing possibilities. Properly cured (fused) plastisol can offer a wide variety of physical properties & attributes, all depending on the formulation. Plastisols are dispersions of PVC resin in plasticizers and modified with other raw materials to yield the desired properties of the end user. Plastisols can be applied via dip-spin coating methods. Plastisol coatings offer some very useful purposes for military application: electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, weather and corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, flexibility, UV resistance, mildew resistance, electrical resistance, dielectric strength, and chemical resistance to meet military specs (# A-A-59464A).

Sandstrom Meets Military Specs

At Coating Systems, when we think dry film lubrication with amazing corrosion-resistant properties, we think of Sandstrom! Recognized for meeting tough military specifications, CSI can assist your business by applying coatings that are geared strictly toward performance. CSI can provide the fol­low­ing Sand­strom coat­ings and mil­i­tary spec­i­fi­cations where available.

custom coated ammunition magazine

Choose Coating Systems for Your Military Industrial Needs

With over 40 years of experience in customer service, we have the savvy and know-how to offer you quick turnaround times and consultation before the project even starts. Industrial painting and coating for military equipment and vehicles require specific qualifications and special knowledge. That’s why Coating Systems partners with top CARC manufacturers to offer high-performance wet and dry powder film lubricants that will stand up to the extreme test of active war zones. We also offer consultation and engineering service before the project begins. Contact us or fill out a form to request a free sample at any time!