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How Does Dip-Spin Coating Work?

Coating application methods are an important part of the coating process. Finding the right coating solution is only the first step. If you don’t utilize the proper applications method, not only will your coating be in danger of not being effective, but it could also do damage to your equipment. One of the application methods that is growing in popularity is dip-spin coating. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will take a look at how exactly the dip-spin coating process works.   Related Post: What Makes Dip-Spin Coating Preferable to Other Coating Methods?   Cleaning In all coating solutions, regardless of the method, the cleaning process will…

What Makes Dip-Spin Coating Preferable to Other Coating Methods?

Why Choose Dip-Spin Coating? Anyone familiar with the coating industry will know that coatings come in all forms, and that means that they can be applied in a few different ways. Coating techniques all offer advantages and disadvantages over each other, so some are better suited for certain jobs than others. Coating Systems offers both spray coating and dip-spin coating, and today we’ll also take a look at a third coating method, called burnishing. Spray Coating Spray coating is exactly as it sounds: a lubricant or coating is applied by spraying. This method is preferable for objects that are relatively simple and flat with few bending parts.…