Copper Busbar Powder Coating

Busbars work as wonderful conductors and play an important role in the distribution of electricity. Without busbars or with faulty busbars, our electrical substations would be useless. Without the proper coating on copper busbars, these integral pieces to our electric grid would not last as long as they should. At Coating Systems, we will add a layer of powder coating onto busbars. As a coating company with decades of experience behind our name, we know the technical ins and outs of powder coating these important electrical devices.

Why Should You Coat a Copper Busbar?

Though most people think coatings are only used for insulation, reducing heat, or lubrication, certain coatings also help prevent corrosion. Coatings with anti-corrosive properties are most often used in the aerospace and automotive industries, but busbars also need to withstand corrosion.

When two different types of metals come into contact through an electric current, one will begin to corrode in a process known as galvanic corrosion. Many different, unique factors play a part in how, why, and which metal corrodes, but a good powder coating will reduce the amount of galvanic corrosion in your busbars.

How Does the Powder Coating Process Work?

The powder coating process may seem like it shouldn’t work because we are coating a surface with a dry epoxy rather than a wet paint-like material. Powder coatings stay in place not because they dry and adhere to the copper busbar, but because we give the epoxy or the ECTFE powder an electrostatic charge that allows the two surfaces to bond on a molecular level. Because we negatively charge the coating powder by passing it through a spray gun designed for that purpose, the powder bonds to the surface of the busbar.

Think of it as an extremely strong magnet or as static electricity. Once we coat the busbars, we bake them in an oven specifically made for this process. This keeps the coating in place. Because of its high level of conductivity, copper takes very well to coatings of this nature.

black spray coating for metal parts
copper busbar with custom coating

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