Aerospace Applications

More than perhaps any other industry, the aerospace industry continues to assess problems and improve designs. The difficulties of air travel are immense, and airlines and airplane manufacturers must factor in so many potentialities into the design, assembly, and upkeep of airplanes. Using the proper coating for aircraft will keep airplanes in the air longer and keep them running efficiently. Coating Systems has the expertise to formulate the perfect chemical coating compounds for all aircraft needs.

Why Do Airplanes Need Coating?

From the engine to the wings, airplanes need exact and perfect coatings. Like their landlocked cousins, airplanes need different coatings to protect the airplane from the elements. When commercial jets fly at 30,000 feet and reach cruising speeds of 550 miles per hour, and their exteriors deal with a variety of intense elemental pressures and temperatures. The air is cold outside, yet jet fuel creates very hot temperatures going to the jet turbines. Air moves extremely fast over the wings, turbines, and fuselage of the plane. Coating Systems can develop coatings that allow the aircraft to either negate or resist these pressures and temperatures.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

When an entire industry relies on shuttling people from one location or continent to another, fuel efficiency becomes a major factor in pricing and profit. Fuel efficiency boils down to reduced drag and air pressure.

Coating Systems can apply coatings formulated in a way that decreases air resistance. Reduced resistance creates faster travel times, less drag, and higher fuel efficiency. Choosing a more fuel-efficient coating can massively reduce costs.

steel coated fuel nozzle and aircraft
aircraft receiving maintenance

Prevent Corrosion

All metals corrode eventually. This is a sad fact that all aircraft manufacturers and private airplane enthusiasts alike must contend with. Once corrosion sets in, it can be difficult to reverse. Preventing or reducing corrosion with the proper coatings from Coating Systems will extend the life of an aircraft.

Corrosion Causes

A natural process, corrosion creeps in much faster in humid areas. When the air has higher moisture density, your aircraft become more susceptible to corrosion. Unnatural substances can also corrode an aircraft. Oil, grease, and residue from cleaning chemicals and deicing fluids can also contribute to the corrosion of an aircraft. Coating Systems creates substances that coat vital aircraft parts to alleviate corrosion on aircraft.

Contact Coating Systems Today

Preventing corrosion, increasing fuel efficiency, and protecting your investment are nothing to scoff at. Coating Systems, Inc., can help with all of this by applying a uniquely formulated powder coating to your aircraft. We have excelled in the coating industry for decades, and we know exactly what to do to get the best results. Count on Coating Systems today, and contact us with your coating needs.