Knife Blades

Whether you’re an avid sportsman, knife collector, or blade manufacturer, you take pride in maintaining the condition of your cutting instrument. We have just the anti-corrosion coating and maintenance solution for you at Coating Systems Inc. We partner with Cerakote to apply a next-generation, baked-on ceramic polymer coating that refuses to rust or chip under pressure. Cerakote will protect your blades from the most extreme conditions while enhancing its mechanical performance and appearance. This high-performance finish boasts the toughest thin film coating in the world with an unparalleled corrosion and friction resistance that rivals Teflon.

How Are Your Plastic Cutting Blades Holding Up?

Are you having trouble with your current plastic-cutting blades? Is your plastic-cutting knife not a good suit to your process? Does it get broken or need resharpening all the time? Let us help you out get the most performance out of your plastic-cutting blades. At Coating Systems, we can apply Cerakote to just about any blade you can imagine. Our anti-corrosion coating makes your blades virtually weather, chemical, and corrosion proof, drastically improving their durability and performance. Our coatings are ideal for a full range of all major OEM blades for the plastics industry and custom plastic cutting knives. We can coat any plastic cutting knife and blade or blade that you can think of, such as circular, straight, curved, convex, toothed, and scalloped. We also can coat all different cut types, including perforating, chopping, guillotine cutting, shearing, scraping, slitting, and so on.


Cerakote on Plastic Cutting Blades for Industrial Use

The high-performance, baked-on ceramic Cerakote finish we use here at Coating Systems Inc. is also perfect for industrial paper slitting blades. Whether you’re slitting, rewinding, sheeting, or perforating any material from tissue and standard paper to cardboard, we offer the perfect coating to increase the lifespan of your blades. Don’t waste your time and money re-sharpening, cleaning, and buying new blades all the time. Choose Coating Systems’ high-tech coating product, Cerakote. We can also coat custom industrial blades to meet the specific needs of our clients.

custom coating on saw blade
custom coating on wood saw

Blades We Can Coat With Cerakote

Material selection is an important part of the industrial blades, and this is especially true with plastic processing blades. We can supplement and improve upon the metallurgy of almost any blade you can think of in the paper and plastic industry. Here is a list:

Why Not Choose Cerakote?

Cerakote is the signature management products for military and law enforcement using advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics. Our products allow you to say goodbye to fingerprints, dirt, rust and oily smudges. Coating Systems, Inc., can apply a uniquely formulated coating to your industrial slitter blades. In addition, we can apply a wet coating, dry powder coating, or a sandblasting to your industrial product. We also offer engineering service and consultation before the start of the project! Contact us or fill out a form to request a free sample at any time. Let us give your industrial blades the cutting-edge treatment they deserve!