Dry Film Lubricant

Dry lubricants or solid lubricants at Coating Systems, Inc., are materials which, despite being in the solid phase, are able to reduce friction between two surfaces sliding against each other without the need for a liquid oil medium. This will allow your products to last longer and increase productivity while decreasing operating costs.

Benefits of Dry Film Lubricants

Dry Film Lubricants offer many benefits for many applications, including static and dynamic seals. Dry film lubricants provide many advantages over less advanced coating options such as greases and oils. Dry film lubricants like the ones we apply at Coating Systems offer superior performance in many applications.

Dry film lubricant is a coating solution that eliminates the need for oils or grease. This is often preferable because these substances are notorious for attracting dirt, dust, and debris, all of which can degrade performance over time. Because of its composition, dry film lubricant can better withstand high pressure and a higher volume of work than oils and greases.

dry film lubricant on threaded valve stem
dry film lubricant on o rings

Dry Film Lubricant Applications

Coating Systems partners with companies like Cerakote, McLube, Whitford, and Kluber to provide the best in dry film lubricants for many applications.,

Capabilities of Dry Film Lubrication

Dry Film Lubricants at Coating Systems, Inc.

Coating Systems has more than 40 years of experience with industrial lubricants, providing the highest quality custom service for our customers. Contact our expert team today if you have any questions. We will be happy to provide detailed assistance and quoting for dry film lubricant solutions.