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Coating Systems Offers Dry Lubricants for Rubber Seals

We offer coatings for rubber seals and molded shapes.

Dry lubricants or solid lubricants at Coating Systems, Inc., are materials which, despite being in the solid phase, are able to reduce friction between two surfaces sliding against each other without the need for a liquid oil medium. This will allow your products to last longer and increase productivity while decreasing operating costs.

Benefits and Capability of Coating Systems Dry Lubrication

Advantages with Dry Film Lubrication

Speeds Up Production
Provides Anti-Galling Properties to Parts
Provides Anti-Aging Properties to Parts

Coating Application Capabilities

Permanent Lubrication
Release and Non-Stick
Static Bleed
Extreme Pressure
Corrosion Protection
RFI Shielding

Recent Coating Systems Inc Projects


Fuchs Lubritech

Fuchs Lubritech manufactures Gleitmo, a dry film lubricant that provides performance to both metal and rubber substrates. Most common applications for the Gleitmo line of coating consistently fall under two categories: fasteners as well as rubber seals, o-rings, gaskets, and molded rubber shapes. Coating Systems can apply Gleitmo to a multitude of base substrates, including but not limited to metal, plastic, cardboard, rubber, wood, and even ceramics.

Henkel / Acheson Colloids

Purchased by Henkel in recent years, the Acheson Colloids line of coatings continues to be a stalwart here at Coating Systems. When you need a dry film lubricant for anti-seize, anti-gulling/wear, corrosion prevention, and improved part longevity and performance, our team is always set up and ready to offer the Acheson line of coating systems. Henkel also provides CSI with coatings for RFI and EMI shielding.

Kluber Lubrication

Kluber earned its reputation for quality in the greases and oils market, but the company is definitely expanding its corporate presence in the field of fluoropolymer and MOS2 functional coatings. We really enjoy the new options that Kluber provides, and so do our customers. Kluber has coatings for all substrates and the applications are endless: axles, springs, pistons, bolts, chain pins, rubber seals, sealing rings, links, rubber gaskets, sliding guides, clamps, pins, guide axles, armatures, valves, guide tubes, camshafts, and shafts.

McLube Coatings

Coating Systems, Inc, uses this technology when coating o-rings, gaskets, seals, grommets, and other molded rubber shapes and elastomers with McLube 419. Available in a variety of colors, this system is ideal for color identification and is a terrific aid for assembly.

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