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Dip-spin coating is a process whereby we place the product in a mesh basket, submerge it in a coating solution, and spin it around to remove the excess coating. The temperature and viscosity of the coating, immersion time, spin direction and velocities, and the cure method are among the variables that allow users to customize a process recipe to achieve precise, highly repeatable results.

Coating Systems, Inc. provides bulk coating of smaller parts up to 3 pounds each and as small as fractions of an ounce. Dip-spin coating also provides anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties as a dry film.

Dip-Spin Coating Technology

Dip-spin coating technology is compatible with all major coating types used in fastener finishing. Think of coatings that combine high resistance to chemical and galvanic/bi-metallic corrosion with UV stability as well as anti-galling properties and/or anti-vibration characteristics. Most dip-spin coatings are also compatible with sealants, adhesives and locking patches that dry to the touch when cured. Specific dip-spin coating types involved include fluorocarbons, zinc-rich, ceramic-metallic (aluminum-based with organic or inorganic topcoats), and waterborne systems.

The Dip-Spin Coating Process

The dip-spin coating process consists of cleaning, application, and curing. The parts are first cleaned and then pretreated to remove oxides. Once the pretreatment dries, we place them in the wire mesh basket and then submerge in the coating solution. This process is repeated as necessary. Once the coating is properly applied, the products are spun at high-speed to remove unnecessary and excess coating. The products are then placed in a state-of-the-art curing oven for finishing. Coating Systems, Inc. only uses the best technology to perform this process, and we have perfected it over the years. That’s why you can trust us with your dip-spin coating needs.

The Advantages of Using Dip-Spin Coating

Dip-spin coating has a number of benefits for your products:

  • Economical method for bulk processing small parts – i.e. fasteners, stampings, and springs
  • Repeatable (especially for threaded parts)
  • Well-suited for high-production coating
  • Transfer efficiency is high (normally over 98%)
  • Possible to efficiently combine multiple combinations of coatings

Why Choose Coating Systems, Inc.?

Coating Systems, Inc. has more than four decades of knowledge and expertise. When you want the best in the industry, choose us. Whether you need dip-spin coating, coating for rubber seals, custom coating, or any of our services, we are ready and willing to give you the best service possible. Contact us today or view our website for more information.

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Recent Coating Systems Inc Projects


Whitford Corporation

The great thing about Xylan coatings is that they are available in virtually any color. We can custom match Xylan to your PANTONE or RAL color standard requirements. Coating Systems, Inc. has been using Whitford coatings for at least 20 years and will continue to do so for many years to come. Whether it’s offshore hardware requiring an anti-seize fluoropolymer coating or FDA-compliant release coatings for the food industry, Coating Systems can select and apply the perfect Whitford coating to meet and exceed your needs. Products: • Xylan• Quantum

Henkel / Acheson Colloids

Purchased by Henkel in recent years, we continue our valuable relationship with the Acheson Colloids line of coatings here at Coating Systems. When your industrial machinery requires anti-seize, anti-gulling/wear, corrosion prevention, as well as improved part longevity and performance, CSI is always set up and ready to offer the Acheson line of coating systems. Henkel also provides CSI with coatings for RFI and EMI shielding. Products: • Emralon 310• Bonderite

Kluber Lubrication

Kluber Lubrication made a name for itself in the market of greases and oils, but the company is definitely expanding its industry presence in the field of fluoropolymer and MOS2 functional coatings. We really enjoy the new options that Kluber provides and so do our customers. Kluber has coatings for all substrates, and the applications abound: axles, springs, pistons, bolts, chain pins, rubber seals, sealing rings, links, rubber gaskets, sliding guides, clamps, pins, guide axles, armatures, valves, guide tubes, camshafts, and shafts.  Products: • Klubertop TP 03–111• Uni¬moly C 220

McLube Coatings

Coating Systems uses this technology when coating o-rings, gaskets, seals, grommets, and other molded rubber shapes and elastomers with McLube 419. Available in a variety of colors, this system is ideal for color identification, and it's a terrific aid to assembly. Products: McLube 419