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o-rings with Coating Systems dry film lubricant

Coating Systems, Inc. provides o-ring coatings services that focus on dryfilm lubricaton. Common dry film lubricants used at Coating Systems are Xylan, Emralon, Molykote, and Tm001. These coatings make it possible to color-code your o-rings, allowing for easy identification, and they allow your processes to run for longer periods with fewer breakdowns. Find details below about static and dynamic seals, common dry film lubricants, and some common questions about coating options offered at Coating Systems.

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Static Seals

Static seals, just as their name implies, are o-rings that are set in place to perform a single function. The dry film lubricant coating helps them slide easily into place because it reduces the insertion force.

Because dry film lubricant coatings do not form a chemical bond to the base substrate of the o-ring itself but rather adhere to it like a glue, they should not be considered permanent. They will dramatically increase the life of your static seal o-rings, but they will need to be replaced from time to time.

Here are some common dry film lubricants Coating Systems applies to static seals:


-TM001 A / Emralon 312

-Emralon 310

-McLube 419

-Gleitmo 985

-Klubertop 38-901

Dynamic Seals

Unlike with static sealing o-rings, dry film lubricants for dynamic sealing o-rings are made with motion in mind. The aim of applying dry film lubricants to dynamic seals is to extend the life of seals that are rubbed, compressed, and abused. A significant difference between the lubricants for dynamic seals, as is the case with the commonly-used Molykote, is that the lubricant is designed to rub off onto the other components it comes into contact with, thus lubricating both the o-ring surface and whatever it touches.

Common dry film lubricants that Coating Systems applies to dynamic seals include:

-Emralon 310

-Klubertop 38-901

-Molylube RH1208


FAQs About Dry Film Lubricants from Coating Systems

Why is my colored PTFE coating rubbing off?

It is important to note that these coatings do not enhance the chemical resistance of your o-rings, so they may not be able to withstand the same exposures as reliably as the base compound of the ring itself. Some things can be done to promote coating adhesion, such as washing to remove mold or contaminants, or post-curing.

Will a thicker coating last longer?

No. Thicker applications will crack and flake. If you are receiving complaints about the lifespans of your o-rings, remember that the job of the coating is to help identify the part and to help it ease into place.

How does Coating Systems manage to coat millions of seals each week and exactly what is the process?

Our process is proprietary, but we can share some key details with you.

Our coating application process takes place in an ambient environment. It is a bulk coating process that allows for batches of hundreds of seals to run in each batch. Within 24 hours of coating, we cross-link and cure in ambient temperatures. Finally, we are able to accelerate cross-linking or curing by performing an additional bake at 220°-350°F depending on the compound and the coating material.

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