Are Industrial Coatings Eco-Friendly? Coating Systems Answers

Rilsan Coated Bolts

We’ve talked about how Rilsan is environmentally friendly and how waterborne industrial coatings are less harmful to the environment due to their low VOCs. However, are industrial coatings as a whole environmentally friendly? Coating Systems answers in today’s blog. 

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Sales of Environmentally Friendly Products

Paint & Coatings Industry magazine stated in 2016 that 75% of global coatings sales came from waterborne, powder, and high-solid coatings. All of these are environmentally friendly with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Over the past 25 years,  the coating industry’s toxic releases have dropped by a whopping 80%. Clearly, preserving the environment in which industrial coatings work represents a goal of coatings manufacturers and applicators across the sector.

Coating Processes

Improvements during the coating process lower companies’ carbon emissions and waste.

Using high-tech application techniques for industrial coatings, Coating Systems:

  • Consumes less coating solvents during the coating process.
  • Reduces curing temperatures, thereby lowering electricity usage.
  • Increases the usable life of your items.
  • Decreases your energy usage through lighter weights and heat-reflective coatings.
  • Improves your industrial processes to use less energy.

Consider the Overall Environmental Impact

The coatings industry as a whole must look beyond just the industrial coatings themselves and examine the overall environmental impact of coatings.

For example, Coating Systems paints industrial trailers with high-solid powder coating. These trailers expect to haul equipment to and from worksites for construction companies. An uncoated trailer may last 15 years for a usable life, whereas a coated trailer may last an extra three to five years.

Let’s say a company gets 10 of these trailers coated with paint that allows them to get three more years of life out of them. Rather than having to purchase new trailers (made of steel from China, probably, which causes greenhouse gases and acid-laden smog during the smelting process), the company reduces its carbon footprint and increases environmental awareness by NOT buying new trailers until 18 to 20 years from now.

Buying and replacing new steel items less often reduces your company’s environmental impact because you reduce the amount of steel a company needs to mine and smelt to make new trailers.

Industrial coatings offer so much more in the way of preserving the environment aside from the eco-friendliness of the coatings themselves.

Coating Systems Cares

Coating Systems cares about the environment and your company’s sustainability goals. We offer Rilsan and many other high-quality coatings tailored to meet your exacting specifications. Call us today at 1-800-593-7754 or contact us online.