Cerakote Firearms Coating

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Cer­akote is inter­nally lubi­cated and extremely hard mak­ing it ideal for reduc­ing the coef­fi­cient of fric­tion when pen­e­trat­ing the the hide and mas­sive bones of North America’s largest big game and Africa’s most dan­ger­ous “Big 5.” Whether you’re a knife maker, a cus­tom rifle builder or an indi­vid­ual look­ing to restore Grandpa’s old Model 700, CSI has the fin­ish­ing answer to your fire arms coat­ing needs. Cer­akote comes in end­less color options and they all look amaz­ing, even pink! Don’t let your weapon rust to a pit­ted embar­rass­ment, you deserve to carry the best and CSI can help with Cerakote!
CSI cur­rently stocks the fol­low­ing Cerakote Firearms Coatings