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Rec­og­nized for its con­form­ing prop­er­ties, Nylon coat­ings pro­vide a pro­tec­tive layer to any metal sub­strate. Nylon is also chem­i­cal resis­tant and pro­vides a low coef­fi­cient of fric­tion. Due to its softer than metal phys­i­cal prop­er­ties, nylon is well suited for mate­r­ial han­dling sys­tems includ­ing bas­kets, guide rails, and con­veyor shoots. Nylon has long been used as a tool coat­ing in order to pre­vent scratch­ing on assem­blies that require a del­i­cate touch. A mul­ti­tude of col­ors are avail­able and can be ordered upon request.
Coating Systems, Inc. cur­rently stocks the fol­low­ing color choices of Nylon Type II