Coating Systems Explains the Uses for Kynar

Wires being insulated by Kynar

Kynar, a polyvinylidene fluoride resin, is a type of coating that carries with it many great features because of its unique chemical structure. The material conveniently does not react with a variety of other substances, allowing it to be applied to an array of surfaces and interact with various compounds. What’s more, this type of coating is able to withstand high temperatures permitting the heat does not surpass 177° Celsius. These characteristics combine to create a coating that is beneficial for many common products that people may not be aware of. Coating Systems decided to share some of the many ways that this coating is implemented throughout various industries.


Built much more sturdy than many of its coating counterparts, Kynar is able to withstand heat and flames up to its 177° Celsius boiling point. This attribute makes it a well-suited material for insulating objects, particularly wires. You may also find this coating applied to circuit boards so as to control the transfer of heat throughout its components.

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Storage for Acidic Substances

As explained before, the distinct makeup of Kynar allows it to be integrated with other substances that would typically initiate a chemical reaction. This is particularly useful for storing highly acidic elements like chlorine, bromine or iodine into containers. The coating is applied to the interior surface of the storage unit so as to preserve the compounds and prevent any dangerous reactions from occurring.

Fishing Line

Yet another unique use for Kynar is its common application to fishing lines. Its relative strength combined with its low visibility make it ideal for angling fish underwater. The durability of the coating allows the line to withstand more tension as well as the sharp teeth of the fish. What’s more, it has a lower density than other materials, allowing it to sink further into the depths of the water.

Ultraviolet Resistance

Kynar also has a convenient trait that makes it virtually resistant to ultraviolet rays, rendering it especially handy for sun-blocking applications. This coating is therefore frequently used to coat the outside of buildings in order to prevent color fading from the sun’s rays, allowing the appearance to last much longer than it would without it.

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As you can see, Kynar is a specialty coating that serves a lot of versatile functions throughout various industries. It certainly is a useful coating, and we’re happy to be able to supply it at Coating Systems. For more information about its use or any other of our products and services, feel free to contact us at 1-800-593-7754.