FEP as a Mold Release Coating

Thermoplastic Molds

Fluorinated ethylene propylene, or FEP, provides a smooth coating that resists abrasions, heat, and chemicals. This coating also releases easily from other substances it comes in contact with, making it an ideal compound for a mold-release coating. In today’s blog, Coating Systems talks about FEP and how it works to create high-quality molds.

Very Low Friction

Because it has a very low coefficient of friction (0.08 to 0.3), not many things stick to FEP. It releases from other substances easily. This substance has a low coefficient of friction compared to other coatings, including PFA, ETFE, and PTFE.


FEP works with a temperature range from -400 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (–240 to 205 Celsius). It can be used intermittently up to 500 F (260 C). This makes it ideal for applications in cold and hot molds. In terms of resin and plastics, the film can withstand high temperatures needed for plastics production.


FEP isn’t very thick at 1 to 2 mils. Trash can liners are about as thick. Therefore, this coating doesn’t get in the way of industrial processes even though it can be an important part of molds where plastic or resin is involved. A low coefficient of friction and a thin layer means this film removes easily from whatever substances come in contact with it.

Chemically Inert

Fluorination helps make FEP inert, meaning it does not react to other chemicals. Companies can use this coating in a lot of their industrial processes without contaminating other substances. Think of molds for plastics and resins. Plastics may otherwise stick to metal molds during manufacture. Companies use food-grade, FDA-approved versions of this film in concert with Teflon to make non-stick coatings for cookware because of its very low reactivity.

How Industries Use FEP as a Mold Release

FEP film sits between a mold and the resin or plastic going into the mold. When the resin hardens, a machine pops the finished product out of the mold. This film keeps the mold clean and provides an easy release. It acts as a buffer between the metal or plastic mold while keeping the part within the mold intact. This substance can help prevent molds from sticking to the object, making a cleaner finished product and preserving the mold for future use.

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