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Fuchs Lubritech man­u­fac­tures Gleitmo, a dry film lubri­cant that pro­vides per­for­mance to both metal and rub­ber sub­strates. Most com­mon appli­ca­tions for the Gleitmo line of coat­ing seem to con­sis­tently fall under two cat­e­gories; “fas­tener” and “rub­ber seals; o-rings, gas­kets and molded rub­ber shapes.” Gleitmo can be applied to a mul­ti­tude of base sub­strates includ­ing but not lim­ited to metal, plas­tic, card­board, rub­ber, wood, and even ceramics.

CSI currently inventories the following Fuchs Lubritech coatings

Gleitmo 625
Dry solid film lubricant for mass part coating
Gleitmo 625 is a suspension of high-molecular polymers in water.
Gleitmo 625 is used as a coating agent and develops a well adhering, touch-proof lubricating film after drying.
Gleitmo 625 has been developed to achieve defined low friction coefficients with a minimum variation range.
Fields of application
Gleitmo 625 is used for mass part lubrication.
A typical application example is the coating of stainless-steel screws/bolts and nuts, self-tapping or self-forming screws, rivets, sheet-metal screws, and chipboard screws.
Method of application
Depending on the requirements, Gleitmo 625 can be diluted with water (at least drinking water quality). As a rule, Gleitmo 625 is used at a dilution ratios of 1 : 3 (for centrifuge coating procedures, stringent requirements) up to 1 : 7 (for dipping). In individual cases a dilution ratio of 1 : 1 to 1 : 2 is used to achieve lowest grooving torques.
The parts to be coated must be free of grease. Drums and centrifuges commonly used in the galvanizing industry have proved to be convenient in case of large coating quantities.
After the coating process it is recommended to dry the parts by hot air (up to a part temperature of approximately 80 °C).
Protect against freezing!
In closed original containers at room temperature storable up to 24 months.

  • temperature range for the dry solid lubricant: -40 / +110 °C
  • to achieve low friction coefficients/grooving torques for bolted connections, with a low variation
  • to avoid seizures of stainless steel bolt connections
  • provides a clear, touch-proof and abrasion-resistant lubricating film
  • suitable for mass parts
  • saves assembly time and is particularly suited for automatic systems
  • is clean and non-greasing
  • very good adhesion on a lot of material surfaces
  • contains a UV additive for a UV coating inspection (340 – 380 nm)


Gleitmo 985
Water-based PTFE Solid Film Lubricant
Gleitmo 985 is an air-drying water-based solid film lubricant with an organic binder. It contains a specially processed polytetrafluorethylene as an active ingredient with high lubrication and separating effects.
Gleitmo 985 adheres very well on many materials.
Fields of application
For dry lubrication of a wide variety of material pairings, such as metal, plastics, rubber, wood, cardboard and ceramics, either with or among each other.
For lubrication, wear protection and to avoid noise occurrence in automobile interior.
Gleitmo 985 can be used for the coating of screws, nuts, bolts, fittings and rubber seals to enable defined assembly.
Method of application
Gleitmo 985 may be applied with compressed air and airless spraying systems. Agitators are recommended for the container in this case.
Immersion is economical for large quantities of small parts. Owing to uneven coating, application with a brush or roller is only recommendable if spraying or immersion is not possible.
The sliding surfaces to be coated should be carefully degreased with a solvent and allowed to dry.
Stir well before use!
Protect from freezing!
Shelf-life: 12 month in the closed
Original containers at room

  • temperature range: -180 / +250 °C
  • forms a dry, thin lubricating film
  • adheres very well on many material surfaces
  • offers exceptional non-stick and separating characteristics
  • does not soil or grease
  • facilitates assembly of parts with robots (sealing rings, screws)
  • is environmentally harmless and user friendly
  • can be used in contact with food stuff
  • is containing an UV-illumination additive for coating control by means of UV-light (340 – 380 nm)