How to Best Touch Up Powder Coating

Man applying red powder coating to industrial equipment

Powder coating is an excellent solution for coating your industrial equipment. Not only is it environmentally friendly and economical, but it’s also incredibly durable. However, even with durable coatings like powder coating, occasionally you’ll find chips or wear on your equipment. When this happens, it is essential to know what steps to take to keep your products in as pristine condition as possible.

Why Touch Up Powder Coating?

Warranty: If your product has a warranty, then making sure that everything is above reproach can extend the life of your warranty as well as help you avoid repairs in the future.
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Aesthetics: This may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning. If the paint is chipped the aesthetics are not right, and it will be harder to sell the equipment.
Performance: Coating is meant to provide protection for your machine. If your coating doesn’t meet certain standards, it cannot do its job. So, make sure that your coating has no chips or wear and that it meets standards.

Touch Up Method for Powder Coating

Paint Touch Up: If you have minor damage on your metal product, then you can always opt to do small touch ups with color-matched liquid enamels. This is a quick and cheap way to handle this kind of damage. However, it is the less visually appealing method as the equipment can appear to be patchy.
New Powder Coating: Sometimes it’s necessary to re-apply the powder coating. Occasionally, you can re-coat without any prep work; however, some coating damage requires a complete re-coating.
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Sanding and Buffing: This method is used to smooth out the powder coating. This is a much faster method than repainting. However, it cannot take care of everything, and therefore certain types of damage will likely need to be fixed with an additional touch up method.

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