The Benefits of Lip Seals

Lip seals for cars

When you want to keep lubricants in and contaminants out, then there are a few different options, but few of these options will benefit your automobile and wallet as much as lip seals. At Coating Systems, we know you have many sealant options, so today we take a look at why lip seals work so well at such a cost-effective price.

Expensive Isn’t Always Better

There are other seals on the market that come at higher costs than lip seals. Many of us immediately equate more expensive with better, but this isn’t always the case. Modern labyrinth seals have taken over much of the machinery sealant market, but they are not always the best option. They cost a pretty penny in comparison to lip seals and are difficult to install.
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Accessibility Is Important

If you have any machinery that needs to be assembled, taken apart, and reassembled, lip seals are the right sealant for you. These seals come at a cheaper price than labyrinth seals, and they are easier to install. You can take lip sealants on and off without destroying them. You can also order them in larger, cheaper batches. For all machinery that you must take apart to clean, fix, or perform other maintenance on, you will want to consider lip sealants. They allow you to disassemble your machinery quicker and with less hassle. Their reusable quality and cheap price make them a better choice when you put your machinery back together again.

Tried and Tested but Evolved

Lip sealants have stuck around since the early days of the automotive industry. Before automobiles became the transportation norm, lip sealants kept wagon wheels properly lubricated. These early types of seals were often made of leather weaves or ropes tied together at the end of a shaft. In the last century and a half, these seals have come a long way. At Coating Systems, we now make sealants from different forms of plastics that are specifically fitted for different automotive parts. The advances in modern years make the sealants extremely durable and protect lubricants, but the classic and simple design keeps the price affordable.
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Order Your Batch of Lip Seals from Coating Systems

At Coating Systems, our high-quality products are made to order. Keep your automobiles and machinery properly lubricated at a reasonable price. Order your lip seals from Coating Systems today!