Coating Systems—Playground Safety Applications

Coating Systems and playground safety

Playgrounds are meant to be useful, fun, and above all else, safe. Most types of playground equipment are outdoor structures, which means they face the brunt of all the weather Ohio offers. From sun and rain, to snow and sleet, outdoor equipment needs to be able to take a beating.

At Coating Systems, we offer a wide range of protective options, from Kynar and Rilsan to MOLYKOTE® and Halar. To better understand how protective coatings work, and why they’re necessary, read on below.

What Needs to be Coated?

When it comes to playgrounds, Coating Systems suggests coating anything that is plastic, metal, or includes metal parts, such as hinges, screws, bolts, and other attachments.
Anything that can be affected by constant use, weather, and time should be coated to keep it working properly and safely for longer.

The Safety Side of Coating Systems

Perhaps the number one reason manufacturers and businesses choose to coat their playground equipment is for safety purposes. This equipment is used for running, jumping, sliding, and climbing, and while children have the best intentions while using the equipment, accidents happen. Our specialized coatings help create slip-proof surfaces on playground equipment, making it a safer place for children to run, jump play, and just be kids.

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Non-slip surface coatings are not only used for safety purposes, but for liability purposes as well. Taking every precaution to improve the safety of your playground equipment is helpful to you should an accident occur.

Longevity of Your Equipment

After safety, the most common reason to apply specialized coating to playground equipment is to increase longevity. Large scale jungle gyms, swing sets, and slides of this magnitude are expensive to produce, not to mention replace.

Rain and wind can cause rust and breakdown of materials. Plastic can begin to fade in the sunlight, and metal will corrode. When metal or plastic slides see corrosion due to weather, it can cause small cracks in the material. These cracks can catch on clothing or skin, making the equipment dangerous to use.

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Increase Convenience of Use

Being outside every day, your equipment will lose much of its lubrication over time. Swings won’t swing so smoothly, and metal zipline rings will squeak and stall. This can cause metal to grind on metal, which causes permanent damage and a need for repairs and replacement parts.

At Coating Systems, we offer long-term lubrication solutions to keep moving parts moving, come rain or shine.

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