Common Sandblasting Mistakes – Part Two

Man using a sandblaster

One of the most effective cleaning techniques for commercial applications is sandblasting. This technique is an abrasive process that involves blasting with sand at very high speeds to take paint off or clean the surface. However, it is very easy to make a mistake when using this technique and those mistakes can turn dangerous. Back in October, we looked at some common sandblasting mistakes and in today’s blog post, Coating Systems will look at three more common mistakes made with abrasive blasting.

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1. Spraying at the Wrong Angle

One of the most common mistakes made with abrasive blasting technique is spraying the particles head on. What we mean is spraying the sand with the surface straight ahead. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also far less effective and will take more time to finish the job. Spraying from an angle will especially benefit surfaces that have rust or paint on them. If you spray from straight on, you risk having the substance deflect off of the surface and back at you.

2. Using the Wrong Work Environment

Another common mistake is using the wrong work environment. For at-home sandblasting, we see this mistake most often when using a small garage or shed for the work environment. These environments are often too small and poorly ventilated. For commercial use, you need to utilize a large, well-ventilated environment that can withstand a mess. Many operators underestimate the mess that will be made during the process. Find a large area that will be easy to clean after the blasting is done.

3. Not Taking All the Right Safety Precautions

The worst mistake that you can make when sandblasting is not taking the right safety precautions. A few of those precautions have already been mentioned, such as spraying at an angle and in a well-ventilated area. Beyond that, not using the proper gear is also a common safety hazard for sandblasting. Operators should always wear goggles, gloves, and an apron, as well as ear and mouth protection. You will want a mask that ventilates, so goggles won’t become fogged up.

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