Items Around Your House That Can Benefit from Sandblasting

Person sandblasting object

You have most likely heard a thing or two about the process of sandblasting – though you may not be completely sure what use you would get out of it. At Coating Systems, we’re here to tell you all about the capabilities of this unique cleaning method. Using tiny abrasives and compressed air to provide a high-power current, this technique is able to treat a variety of surfaces ranging from rusting metal to tarnished wood. Chances are, you’ve got some objects lying around your home that have been deteriorating in appearance over the years and are in need of some heavy TLC. If you identify with this description, then it may be time for a good sandblasting treatment. Check out these common household products that could benefit from this cleaning procedure.


If you have an older car that may have some areas of rusted metal, then this is the perfect opportunity to utilize sandblasting. Using the high-velocity air compression, you’ll be able to remove visible rust from your vehicle and restore it back to normal. This can be used to handle small regions such as the hub cap of your rims, all the way to refurbishing entire exterior frames. Once you have completed the abrasive blasting, then you can guard your vehicle against future corrosion by applying powder coating, which is also provided by Coating Systems.

Cabinets or Other Wooden Furniture

Sandblasting is also great for cleaning wood surfaces such as cabinets, dressers, or other furniture. Perhaps you are in need of a kitchen remodel and are looking to repaint your cabinetry, but you are not sure how to remove the current coating. Using this abrasive blasting technique is perfect for removing layers of paint while also smoothing the surface of your wood, putting it in ideal condition for a new coat. You can apply this process to any wood surface that you may be looking to remodel in your home, and you’ll be on track to a beautiful-looking renovation.

Patio Furniture

With the nice weather, this is the perfect time to make sure your outdoor furniture is looking in prime condition. A quick session of sandblasting will help to remove any corrosion on your metal furniture, giving it a fresh-looking finish. You’ll be amazed at the wonders a brief period of abrasive blasting can do.

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Contact Coating Systems for Your Sandblasting Needs

When it comes to restoring those objects throughout your home, sandblasting is a terrific process for getting the job done. Whether you are looking to remove the rust from your car or need to resurface some cabinets, the experts at Coating Systems can give you a professionally done cleaning treatment. Give us a call today at 1-800-593-7754 to see how we can help.